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Complete Your Smile with Dental Implants in Jonesboro

Older couple holding each other smilingDental implants have transformed the way we replace missing teeth. In the past, only the visible portions of missing teeth were replaced, but dental implant supported tooth replacement allows our team to restore the entire tooth, roots and crown. In addition to offering superior stability for replacement teeth, dental implants mimic the root structure of teeth stimulating jawbone density and retaining gum tissue volume to ensure patients maintain the optimal level or oral health. At  Woodsprings Family Dentistry, we’re happy to offer the full dental implant placement and restoration procedure in our convenient Jonesboro, AR dentistry practice. Contact us to find out more or schedule your dental implant consultation today.

Dental Implant Placement

Dental implant tooth replacement occurs in two phases. The first phase is the surgical placement of the dental implant below the gum line. Implant placement surgery is relatively comfortable and safe for those patients who are healthy enough to undergo minor medical procedures, but we will thoroughly examine patients’ smiles and health history prior to recommending implant tooth replacement in order to ensure successful treatment. If we determine patients are good candidates for dental implant supported tooth replacement, the first step is to plan for the placement of dental implants. We use a CT Conebeam scanner and intraoral scan to determine the best position for the dental implant prior to beginning treatment, which allows us to quickly and precisely place the implant below the gum line. Following the placement of the implant, we cover the treated area to give the post time to fuse with the gum tissue and jawbone, creating a solid anchor for a dental restoration. After a period of healing, we then uncover the implant and use CEREC digital technology to custom-fabricate a crown that matches your natural teeth, attaching it to the integrated implant.

Implant-Retained Crowns & Bridges

Once the implant is firmly anchored to the jawbone, we can begin the restoration process. Like their counterparts, implant-retained crowns and bridges offer restoration for one to four consecutive missing teeth. To replace three or four consecutive missing teeth, we typically use two dental implants to support both ends of the restoration. Implant-retained crowns and bridges are especially advantageous because they eliminate the need to alter perfectly healthy, natural teeth.

Implant-Retained Dental Prosthetics

Like traditional partial and full dentures, implant supported dental prosthetics are used to replace any number of missing teeth or a full arch of teeth. Partial dentures fill a number of gaps that may include consecutive and nonconsecutive missing teeth across the arch. Rather than connecting to remaining healthy teeth with clasps, implant-retained partials are held in place by a number of implant posts strategically positioned to offer ideal support. Implant-retained full dentures use an arch of replacement teeth set into a gum colored base to replace an entire row of missing teeth. Rather than using suction or denture adhesive to hold the denture in place, it is anchored to dental implants.