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Scaling and Root Planing – Jonesboro, AR

Stop Disease with a Deep Cleaning

If you have gum disease, Dr. Yarnell will likely recommend scaling and root planing in Jonesboro to save your smile. Also called a deep cleaning, the treatment is crucial to removing harmful buildup to restore your gum health. As the most common approach to treat the infection, you can rest assured your smile is in good hands. Dr. Yarnell will create the personalized plan you need to stop the infection and rehabilitate your dental health with periodontal therapy.

How Do I Know If I Need a Scaling and Root Planing?

Patient needing scaling and root planing in Jonesboro.

Next to tooth decay, gum disease is equally devastating to your oral health. Although it’s preventable, at least 50% of Americans have the infection, which develops from bacteria found in plaque and tartar accumulations. While the earliest stage of the infection (gingivitis) can be treated quickly, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss because people don’t often recognize there’s an issue until it’s too late.

Routine dental appointments allow Dr. Yarnell to detect the infection to provide quick intervention. If you have common signs of gum disease, scaling and root planing may be necessary, such as:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Inflamed or red gums
  • Deep pockets
  • Gum recession
  • Loose teeth
  • Pus near the roots of the teeth
  • Bone loss

How Does Scaling and Root Planing Work?

Mouth with advanced stages of gum disease.

Scaling and root planing consist of two procedures, which may be recommended during your semi-annual cleaning and checkup. Scaling is performed first. A special dental instrument is used to remove tartar from above and below the gum line. After the gingival pockets are clean, another dental instrument is used to smooth the root surfaces, called root planing. This allows your gum tissue to reattach to your teeth to create a seal to prevent the infection from recurring. Depending on the severity of the infection, Dr. Yarnell may suggest more than one appointment to complete the treatment.

You’ll be given strict aftercare instructions to follow to avoid reinfection, which can include more frequent cleanings and checkups. You’ll also need to make changes to your home oral hygiene routine to avoid future tartar buildup.

Benefits of Scaling and Root Planing

Woman after scaling and root planing.

Gum disease not only damages your oral health, but it can also have detrimental consequences for your general health. Scaling and root planing can safeguard your smile and overall health. When choosing a deep cleaning, you’ll benefit from:

  • Stop gum disease to get your dental health back on track.
  • Protect the roots to prevent tooth loss.
  • Eliminate bad breath caused by the infection.
  • Prevents tooth decay in the periodontal pockets.
  • Effective, minimally invasive solution to treat gum disease.

Save Your Smile from Gum Disease

Model showing a deep cleaning.

If you have mild-to-moderate gum disease, you might be a candidate for scaling and root planing. Don’t ignore the signs of the infection. Contact our office right away for a consultation if you have any symptoms of gum disease. Dr. Yarnell will provide the individualized solution you need to reinstate a healthy, beautiful smile.