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How Dental Insurance Protects You from Gum Disease

November 3, 2022

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When it comes to oral hygiene, for many patients the first thing that comes to mind is brushing their teeth—but your gums are just as important! And unfortunately, it’s estimated that roughly half of all US adults suffer from some form of periodontal disease. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you have dental insurance and prioritize preventive care! Here’s more from your dentist in Jonesboro about how dental insurance won’t just save you money—it’ll save your gums from some serious trouble.

The Importance of Preventing Gum Disease

Even though gum disease is a widespread issue, there are actually varying degrees of severity and progression. That said, it’s still something that you should strive to avoid entirely! Some of the most common symptoms of gum disease include swollen and bleeding gums, a receding gumline, pain when chewing, bad breath, and loose teeth that can eventually fall out.

Even worse, as the disease progresses, the infection can spread beyond your gums and cause numerous other problems that affect your overall wellness including heart disease, diabetes, and other serious conditions. But fortunately, things won’t get this bad if you prioritize regular preventive care from your dentist, coupled with adequate oral hygiene at home.

Routine dental exams give your provider the chance to inspect your mouth for any potential infections before they have the chance to cause lasting damage to your gums. They can also provide a professional level of cleaning that effectively removes the built-up plaque that often contributes to gum disease. Simply put, the sooner gum disease is caught, the easier it is to cure.

How Dental Insurance Helps Both Your Smile & Wallet

Many people don’t realize the true value of dental insurance—while it is an excellent means for keeping your smile healthy and white and addressing issues like cavities, it can do so much more! To put it simply, if you’re regularly visiting your dentist for checkups and cleanings, you’re much less likely to develop serious periodontal disease that necessitates treatment. This treatment includes procedures like bone grafts, gum recontouring, flap surgery, and more, all of which will run much higher than your average dental exam.

That said, avoiding these procedures entirely is best for your smile and your wallet. In fact, according to research conducted by the University of Illinois, for every dollar spent on preventive treatment, anywhere from $8 to $50 is saved on future treatment! And although dental insurance plans are unique, the vast majority of them cover preventive dental care—meaning that you should use it, to benefit both your smile and wallet!

Taking advantage of your dental insurance and seeking regular preventive care is the best way to mitigate gum disease and protect the health and beauty of your smile—not to mention, it’ll save you money in the long run!

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